5 Ways To Judge Stage Lighting Factories And Traders

 Many foreign friends communicate with me, about how can I find a stage lighting factory 100% instead of a trader. Alibaba, Made in China, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms, many sell stage lights, such as par lights, 230W moving head lights, 1500W fog machines, 3W animation lasers, 1024 consoles, etc., and the price is better than one Cheap. The buyers are confused and don’t know the choice!

Whether you can find a factory directly affects the follow-up after-sales. Because stage lighting, especially 380W20R/350W17R/280W10R/230W7R Moving Head Lights, after-sales is very important. If the factory is not found, it will be difficult to replace parts such as motherboards, power supplies, light bulbs, or after-sales service in the future.

In fact, it is judged whether it is a factory. The easiest way is to visit the factory on the spot. During the epidemic, or if there is no time to come to China, you can make a video connection. The second is to observe the aspects of industrial and commercial registration, website, professional certificate, after-sales professionalism, and so on.

1. Visit the factory

All qualified customers can visit the factory on-site, which is the most direct way. You can talk face-to-face with your boss to learn about their development history and future direction. Secondly, you can understand their production process and understand their quality inspection process. Then, you can observe their team’s service level, English communication level, etc. through details.

Stage Lighting Factories
2. Video connection

If it is not convenient to come to China, you can often make video calls with salespersons so that you can determine whether it is a factory. Video calls can put an end to some unprofessional salespersons, and they cannot solve the problems the first time if they have after-sales problems. In addition, the trading company will not have a production workshop, especially since the Moving Head Lights 230W7r/350W17r need to go through strict testing before they can be shipped. This can guarantee quality and after-sales.

3. Business Registration

You can entrust a friend in China to inquire about the company’s name. In this way, it can be judged whether it is a factory website.

Generally, the products made by the factory are more professional, and the products presented on the website are also more professional, especially if there is a door, inspection area, and production workshop at the factory.

4. Certificate

Factories generally have many professional certificates, such as CE/ROSH, which are basically tested by the country, so the credibility will be relatively high. In particular, some countries in the Middle East need different certificates.

5. After-sales professionalism

The factory’s after-sales service is professional and timely, and at the same time more professional, so customers can judge the factory.

The above are a few methods I have summarized on how to judge the factory. Whether it is a factory or a trader, each has its own advantages. The most important thing is whether it can provide good services and help us solve problems.


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