KALE stage lighting participated in professional exhibitions and was reported by CCTV.

On May 19, 2021, the annual Guangzhou International Audio Exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Due to the impact of the epidemic last year, many friends from the performing arts industry did not come to Guangzhou. Therefore, this year’s exhibition is equivalent to a biennial event, and the flow of people has increased dramatically.

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Various stage lighting manufacturers have also used all their skills like singer performances, model catwalks, dance performances, etc. to attract customers from afar to visit the booth. An interesting phenomenon occurred in various booths. Most of the people were holding mung bean iced ice and wandering around in various booths to watch the lighting effects. How could this happen? It turned out to be a “Cool for a Summer, Free Mung Bean Ice” activity organized by Color Lighting Tea.

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During the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, the average temperature is above 35 degrees, which is quite hot. Guangzhou KALE Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. also participated in this lighting exhibition. Their team decided to send cool mung bean ice for guests from afar for free. Mung bean ice is one of the best drinks in summer to clear away heat and reduce fire, relieve heat and quench thirst. The KALE team has given out more than 1,500 cups of mung bean ice in four days. This phenomenon has attracted rushing reports from CCTV.

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In this exhibition, KALE Lighting concentrated on exhibiting a full range of stage surface lights. There is also a special stage surface light experience hall, which uses surface lights with different parameters to illuminate brightly colored clothes, which can intuitively show customers different effects. Coupled with the free mung bean smoothie, the booth is very popular.

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In order to let customers know more about KALE lighting products, our team purchased a spectrometer from Taiwan for measuring color temperature, index, and illuminance at a high price. All the parameters of the lamp can be measured by connecting it to a mobile phone. Customers visiting the exhibition directly call for professionalism. Through the explanation of the case of the KALE team, many customers also realize the importance of surface light. There are also how to avoid problems such as yin and yang faces, light spots, and yellowish and blueish faces on the stage.

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KALE Lighting has focused on the R&D and production of stage surface lighting for 7 years, from the procurement of raw materials to the control of the production process, to the 7 major processes of testing, to ensure that each product is qualified before it can be shipped. At the same time, in order to dispel customers’ doubts, we are the first lighting factory to propose “one-year replacement and lifetime maintenance”. Because the core value of KALE Lighting is “Customer First”, we hope to bring greater value to customers. Only in this way can we win the reputation of customers.

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