How to buy the right wedding stage lights with the limited budget

When it comes to wedding planning, wedding lighting is undoubtedly one of the most underrated elements. Especially for Wedding stage lighting, Many wedding planning companies do have many ideas about it, because they are worried so much about the cost of the wedding stage lighting equipment.

For newcomers to the wedding event planning company, how do have a limited budget to buy the most correct stage light? According to priority, it should be profile lights, wash lights, moving head lights, consoles, special effects equipment(like a fog machine, haze machine, sparkler machine)…

1. Types of lighting for wedding reception

The more popular stage lighting equipment for wedding events mainly are moving head beam lights, moving head beam lights with Gobo, Led washer lights, LED bar /Led wall washing light, image lights, follow spot light, console, lighting splits, haze machines, low fog machine, cold sparkler machines, bubbles machines…

2. How to choose the right wedding light

1. Profile Lights

A halogen lamp, LED Lamp, and COB lamp lights are the mainstream wedding professional profile lights. In addition to the use of profile light, it can also be used as a front side light, which mainly serves as the front lighting of the characters and the basic lighting of the stage, strengthening the facial lighting and increasing the 3-D sense of the characters and scenery. The three main factors to be considered in the selection of profile lights are color temperature, CRI Rate, and Type dimming.

As profile light: the color temperature should be in the range of  3200-5600K, then we can use the right color temperature according to the Wedding venue Decoration.

Profile spotlight CRI means: color rendering index  Ra (English CRI), use to evaluate the quality of light sources objectively. And CRI The higher CRI, The better profile spotlights Dimming: mainly used in the Video recording, the higher dimming, the better quality of the videos.

2. LED Par Lights

Washer lights usually use 54pcs 3W and 18pcs 10W Led par lights. It is mainly used to wash the backdrop of the wedding scene and some flower props. Generally, the lense of Led par lights has three different angles:15°,25°.45°. The bigger angle, the wider the washing area, and the shorter the effective projection distance will be. In order to reach the best effect of washing: small angle led par lights we advise to use 54pcs *3w, big angle led par cans use 18pcs *10W.

3. LED Washer Bar

A led washer bar is normally used in the area with many decors and backdrops. RGBWA (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, AMBER) 5 Colors in each lamp is our advice. With this 5in1 Led wash bar light, we can easily achieve more colors in different wedding decorations.

4. Follow Spotlight

The follow spotlight, characterized by high brightness and the light through the lens presents a clear light spot and can change the reality of the light spot by adjusting the focal length. At present, there are many varieties in the market, and the ways of marking indicators are not the same. For example, the Name is based on the lamp power,like:1KW halogen tungsten light source, 1KW dysprosium light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source…

Name based on the lighting distance: like 8-10m follow spotlight,15-30mfollow spotlight,30-50m follow spotlight,50-80m follow spotlight, and so on.

And in terms of function, it can be divided into the mechanically following spotlight with computer follows spotlight. In the Mechanical follow spot:  the focus, light bar, and color change are all done manually. In the computer follow the spotlight: the focus, light bar, and color change are all done by the move the fader. For the choice of the following spotlight, we try to match reasonably according to the actual demand and exposure distance.

5. Moving head Beam light

Many people may wonder why to choose the moving head beam light with Gobo for wedding events.  That’s because moving head beam light with Gobo can not only have beam effect but also with beautiful Gobos. The use of Gobos can be transformed into an exquisite aesthetic atmosphere in the wedding event.

6. Lighting Console

3 types of lighting consoles are mainly used in wedding venues: 192console,1024 console, Tiger touch console, and Pearl console.192 console is a small one with 192 channels, when the wedding venue is small with several par cans you can use 192 consoles, easy to operate. 1024 console is good for Middle-sized wedding events and can control. Moving lights with par lights together, with mixed effects. Tiger touch console with Pearl console is good with the venues with. Many lights. It can not only do the lighting programming. But also have many built-in lighting effects.

7. Light Signal Amplify

Light signal amplifies also called signal split: the wedding venues mainly use 8road DMX 512 signal amplify. the Quantity of signal amplifiers is mainly considered through the number of stage lights, length of the signal cables and lighting effects, and so on.

8. Special stage effects equipment
(1). Haze machine
image 1

Haze machine is the mainstream in wedding venues and mainly has 3 types: 550w,650w 750W. They differ in power, they differ in the effect. But the most important thing is the difference between the coverage area and the smoke effect. Therefore, we need to choose the right type or number of haze machines in the reasonable spatial layout of the banquet hall.

(2). Low lying fog machine
image 2

The low-lying fog machine is also called a water fog machine, mainly. Used is 3000W, 4000W, and 5000W, the bigger power the more fog.

(3). Cold Sparkler machine

Cold Sparkler machine is a very hot product, easy operation with 100% safety firework fountains. It achieves highly reputation in wedding events. 400w and 600w cold sparkler machines with different firework fountain heights.

(4). Bubble Machine
double bubble machine (1)

A bubble machine is a traditional wedding events product it helps to create a funny and Happy wedding scenery.

9. Advises for Newcomer of Wedding planners
image 3
  • With a limited budget, first, get enough profile spotlights, second is washer lights, then is moving head light.
  • For Profile, the spotlight must use the CRI>90, color temperature changeable, and with  linear dimming
  • At least get two sets of follow spotlights
  • Don’t but fog machine, but haze machine and low lying fog machine are the best choices for wedding venus.

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