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The difference between LED 200W moving headlight and 230W 7R moving headlight

Buying the wrong one will waste a lot of money

There are many kinds of moving headlights on the market. Many of them are not clear about the difference between LED moving headlights and bulb moving headlights, which leads to choosing a moving headlight that is not suitable for them. Below I will give you an example of LED200W moving head light and traditional 230W beam light. What is the difference between them? Mainly because the three different light sources are different, the usage occasions are different, and the prices are different.

1. Different light sources:

The light source of LED200W uses LED200 lamp beads, which is a kind of cold light source, which is characterized by long service life, generally around 50,000 hours, and low power consumption.

The light source of 230W7R is the MSD7R tungsten bulb, which is a kind of thermal light source. It needs better heat dissipation to ensure normal operation. The service life is short, usually 600-800 hours, and the power consumption is large.

2. Different occasions:

LED200W uses an LED cold light source, so its penetrating power is not very strong, and the light beam can\’t spread over long distances. It is generally recommended to be used indoors.

230W7R is a heat source, with strong penetrating power and strong beam, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

3. Different prices

The current price of LED200W is relatively high because LED light sources are still relatively expensive.

230W7R is currently a classic product, with more production plants, a sufficient supply chain, and a relatively affordable price.

My advice

LED200W and 230W7R have their own advantages. If it is mainly used indoors, the floor is not high, the electricity bill is relatively high, and the quantity is not too much, you can consider buying LED200W, such as wedding events, or fixed installation. If you need to use it outdoors, you need a strong sense of light beam, you can choose the traditional 230W7R.


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