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What does “ R mean in moving head light?

When we go to Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, and other platforms to buy
Moving headlights, we can always see this  2R, 5R, 7R, 10R, 15R, 17R, and 20R …. Many Tnetizens ask what is R?

So what exactly does this “R” means in moving headlights?

In fact, this \”R\” represents power on the light: Like 7r sharpy beam means 230w sharpy beam, for better understanding we use to write 230w 7r sharpy beam or 230w 7R moving headlight. Do you get it?

Let’s share the power of R, which is commonly used in China.

2R120W Moving headlight
5R200W Moving headlight
7R230W Moving headlight
9R260W Moving headlight
10R280W Moving headlight
15R300W Moving headlight
16R330W Moving headlight
17R350W Moving headlight
18R380W Moving headlight
20R440W Moving headlight

Why do we need to know what “R” means?

Yes, when you know the meaning of it, you can understand the names of each moving headlight better, especially when you want to buy stage lights from China, it will help you be more professional while communicating with the suppliers.

Also, the Bulbs for Moving head light lifetime is around 500-800 hours, after that lifetime the brightness will slowly dim, then you need to replace the bulbs with the accordingly R numbers.


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