KL-LW1810P 18PCS*10W LED Waterproof Wall Washer Light

HL-WLW18 18PCS LED Waterproof Wall Washer Light is an LED strip lamp suitable for fixed installation or touring performances, such as concerts, TV shows, etc. With 18pcs high-efficiency 8W RGBW LED light sources, excellent color mixing system, adjustable speed of the electronic stroboscopic effect, makes the stage lighting effect is much better; There is a double mounting bracket at the base, the adjustable angle of the lamp can reach 180 degrees in both directions, makes the installation unlimited to truss structure, improves work efficiency and reduces installation time.


  • Light source: 18 x 8W RGBW LED
  • Beam Angle: 25°
  • Efficient LED lens, uniform color mixing, which makes the light effect better
  • 0~100% smooth dimming
  • Adjustable electronic strobe effect
  • Suitable for fixed installation or mobile performance
  • There are double mounting brackets at the base, the adjustable angle of the lamp can reach 180 degrees in both directions

Technical Specification

Power Consumption: 450W
Input voltage: AC90-240V, 50/60HZ
Light source: 18pcs*10W 3in1 LED
LED life: 50000~100000 hours
LED PWM dimming frequency:
DMX channel: 2/3/5/8/42/44CH
Control mode: DMX512/selfpropelled/
Function effect:
Cooling method: natural convection
Protection class: IP65
Strobe: 1-18 times/second
Luminous color: R G B W mixed
Beam angle: 15-45° (optional)
Product size: 100*22*10mm
Weight: 8.15KG


Effect Demonstration

hl lw18 18pcs led waterproof wall washer light hl lw18 18pcs led waterproof wall washer light

Product Video


application 0002 outdoor performance1


hl lw18 18pcs led waterproof wall washer light


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