KL-DC1024 DMX1024 Lighting Console

Technical Specification

‘- DMX channel: 1024

– Fixture: 96

– Channels for each fixture: 40 primary + 40 fine tune

– Library: Avolite Pearl R20 library supported

– Re-patched Fixture address: Yes

– Swop Pan/Tilt: Yes

– Reversed channel output: Yes

– Channel slope modification: Yes

– Scene: 60

– Scenes to run simultaneously: 10

– Total Scene steps: 600

– Time control of Scenes: Fade in/out, LTP slope

– Shapes for each Scene: 5

– Scene and dimmer by slide:r Yes

– Swop Scene: Yes

– Flash Scene: Yes

– Shape generator: Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY,
Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus

– Shapes to run simultaneously: 10

– Master slider: Global, playback, fixture

– Real time blackout: Yes

– Channel value by wheel: Yes

– Channel value by slider: Yes

– Dimmer by slider: Yes

– USB Memory: FAT32 supportedk to make the desired shape and scene.


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