HL-ML6P40-D 6*40W LED 4Colour Double-sided Moving Head Light

There are 2 or more of the same lamps connected by DMX three-core signal cable, all lamps are modified to 001~512 arbitrary address code, set any one as the host, other lamps are slave, all slave display does not blink; When using the host to adjust the gradient, pulse, jump, voice control, self-walking effect, all the slave synchronous gradient, pulse, jump, voice control, self-walking effect.

Technical Specification

Light source

  • Voltage: AC100~240V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 500W
  • Lamp beads: 6070 lamp beads 60W*6. 7070 lamp beads 96, divided into 12 sections. 5050 lamp beads 240 divided into 24 segments
  • X axis Angle: X axis 540°
  • Y axis: polar rotation


Control & Program

  • Control mode: DMX512, self-walking, master-slave, voice control, with RDM function.
  • Channels: CH24 and CH132
  • Dimming: 32bit 0~100% linear dimming
  • Features: XY shaking head + beam + flash +XY infinity



  • Operating temperature: -30 degrees ~50 degrees
  • Stroboscopic frequency: 1 to 30HZ
  • Appearance: Metal, black
  • Connection mode: DMX512 input/Output/Power input/output.
  • IP level: IP20
  • Size: 68*33*32cm
  • Weight: 11kg

Effect Demonstration

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