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HL-CLTG Touch Stage Lighting Controller

HL-CLTG Touch Stage Lighting Controller

Use powerful Titan operating system
Core Duo processor, 60G solid-state drive, 2G memory
Support Chinese menu display, and built-in multi-language
Built-in a 15.4-inch touch screen. And can be extended with a touch screen
4/8 DMX output ports, 2048 DMX channels
Support Artnet, and can be expanded to 12 DMX output ports, 6144 channels
10 macro buttons, can edit any program
20 replay faders, support 1000 virtual replays
Powerful CMY palette function.
Support graffiti handwriting naming function
Support CITP protocol can preview the built-in materials of the server or digital lights
Built-in thousands of light libraries, and built-in light library editing software
Built-in Visualiser visual stage simulation software, support video
Provides MIDI time code control
Built-in pixel mapping and built-in graphics generator
Built-in UPS power supply, power can be supplied for about 15 minutes after a power failure, prevent sudden power failure and system damage or loss of programs
Compared with the previous classic pearl system, the powerful Titan system is more user-friendly, each function is more refined, and the expansion is richer, giving you more freedom in lighting operations; while retaining the classic pearl operating style and layout, increase The refined selection of functions has been removed, and some less commonly used and unsuitable operations have been removed. After the console is upgraded, let the lighting engineer get started quickly on the basis of the pearl table operation.


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