7 secrets for maintenance and use of lighting consoles

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The lighting console belongs to the control system in the entire stage system. The function is equivalent to the human brain, and it is the most important control system for issuing commands directly to stage lights. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the lighting console regularly to ensure that it can take on the major tasks in any performance.

Why do we need to maintain the lighting console regularly?

The characteristics of the performance market are the difference between off-season and peak season. The lighting console is an electronic product. The components of the electronic product are easily oxidized by the air over time, and at the same time, they are also prone to moisture. If they are not maintained regularly, some functions cannot be used normally. If it is not maintained, the console will not work normally when the peak season is reached.

How to maintain?
1. Regular dust removal

The lighting console is an electronic product with high precision. The contact surfaces inside the buttons are all metal, such as the pushrods and buttons of the tiger console. If the dust is not cleaned up in time, it will cause the data of the pushrod to jump or the data cannot be reset to zero. It is also easy to cause a short circuit of the components, resulting in the failure of the keys and the control pushrod. It is recommended to clean up the surface dust immediately after using the console, pack it in a plastic bag, and store it in an air box.

2. Regularly electrify

If it is not used for a long time, such as more than one month, the lighting console must be taken out and powered on in time for more than 10 minutes, because the moisture in the air will adhere to the surface of the metal components of the 1024 lighting console. If the components are not energized and heated in time, More and more moisture can easily corrode these accessories. If possible, you can connect the 54*3W Par light or 230W moving head light to test the button function and push rod function. If you encounter a broken accessory, you can replace it or repair it in time to ensure that the performance can be used normally.

5 matters needing attention during use
1. The grounding wire prevents static electricity from hurting people

In some dry or carpeted environments that are prone to generate a lot of static electricity, you must strictly implement the grounding safety regulations for electronic products. In order to prevent a large amount of static electricity from accumulating in the lighting console, which may damage the operator or break down the controller chip, causing the 230W7R moving headlight to run chaotically. We should take the grounding operation of the lighting console. Of course, in some indoor activities, there is no grounding equipment. At this time, we can connect one end of the conductive wire to the grounding screw of the console and the other end to the floor. Can minimize the damage and impact of static electricity.

2.Timely backup of data

When the lighting engineer needs to leave the scene after editing the program on the spot, he should back up the programming materials in time or copy it with a U disk in time, otherwise, there will be some accidents such as sudden power failure on-site, or man-made damage, and the loss cannot be recovered.

3.Need to have a spare lighting console

The products of any manufacturer are not 100% stable, but we spent a lot of time preparing in the early stage when we held the event. The actors and audience time are all fixed. We must anticipate how we should face an unexpected situation in the console. The best way is to have a spare console in case of an emergency. If there is no identical console, spare 240 consoles and 192 consoles are also possible.

4. Use a signal amplifier with photoelectric isolation.

The signal amplifier is a bridge between the light and the console. The signal amplifier can not only enhance the stability of the signal but also protect the console well. In the event of a lamp failure at the performance site, which results in a strong loop current change, the signal amplifier will be blocked first without burning the lighting console, which can greatly reduce the loss.

5.Turn on and off the power of the lighting console

In general, the console power supply and some high-power lamps or switching power supplies are used at the same time. When the high-power power supply is turned on, the instantaneous current will become very large, and it is easy to break the fuse of the lighting console, so the lighting console cannot be energized to work. The best way is to first turn on the high-power power supply such as the 380W20R moving headlight during the performance, wait for the current to stabilize, and then turn on the power of the lighting console, which can greatly prevent the strong current from breaking the fuse of the console.

The above is a summary of our factory’s experience in the use and maintenance of the lighting console in the course of practice.



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